Georgia Candidates

Raphael WarnockAs union members, when we choose to support candidates, it comes down to values. We fight for candidates who fight for us. We stand up to the extremists and billionaires. 

That’s why union voters are mobilizing to support Sen. Raphael Warnock for re-election in the runoff on Dec. 6. 

In Georgia, the choice couldn’t be clearer. 

Raphael Warnock

Herschel Walker


He voted to create thousands of good-paying jobs in the state. 

He opposed the infrastructure law that’s creating good jobs here at home by repairing our roads, bridges and schools. His company even profits from unpaid labor.  


He fought to protect our hard-earned pensions. He lowered prescription drug prices for seniors.

He’d gut Social Security and Medicare, and give drug companies a green light to charge seniors more for their prescriptions.

Cost of Living

He’ll fight for good jobs and wages for Georgia’s working families. He has a plan to fight inflation and decrease the cost of living. 

He doesn’t believe in a minimum wage. 


He’ll make corporations and the rich pay their fair share.

Walker sides with the wealthy and the well-connected. He’ll vote for massive tax breaks for wealthy corporations while making it even harder for working people to make ends meet.