Pledge: I am a voter.

This November, organized labor will combat the power of organized money. We’re voting to protect our freedoms—and our voices will be heard. Sign the pledge to vote in November.

AFL-CIO Vote | Labor 2022

Freedom to vote

Freedom to join a union

Freedom to accesshealth care

Freedom to earn a living wage

Protect our Freedoms: VOTE

Workers across the nation have already been taking matters into our own hands. The number of petitions filed at the National Labor Relations Board by working people to exercise our freedom to come together in unions and negotiate for a fair return on our work jumped 69% compared to last year.

The fact remains, however, that electing pro-worker legislators in the Senate and House will be critical to protecting our freedom to vote, to make decisions over our own bodies both inside and outside of the workplace, and so much more.

The labor movement is devoting resources to strategic local and national elections across the nation while also capitalizing on the energy of workers and our recent wins at places like Amazon, Starbucks and Microsoft.

Take Action

We’re partnering with Power the Polls, a non-partisan organization dedicated to mobilizing volunteer poll workers. 

We need your help to illustrate democracy in action. Have you snapped a selfie with your "I Voted" sticker? How about a photo of yourself or your co-workers knocking on doors, working phone banks, or getting out the vote? We will share the best images with workers to help inspire other voters.

We want your opinion. What issues are most important to you?